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Recognition Awards for all Occasions


A traditional way of expressing recognition and gratitude. Made from solid walnut, cherry or oak hand rubbed for a furniture finish.

These awards are expertly engraved including a logo on a wide range of plates (gold florentine, brass with screened border and textured colors including marble with ruby, emerald, sapphire and gray brass.


bronzeBronze Tablets:
To honor a person place or event, nothing more permanently displays esteem and noteworthiness than an imperishable bronze or aluminum plaque. The impression is classic and elegant. The material is versatile and durable. Bronze or Aluminum plaques and letters are the discerning choice for dedicating memorials, parks, historic sites or new buildings. They truly embody permanent pride of achievement and commitment to the highest ideals.


laserengravingLaser Engraving:
A technique where a powerful and precise laser beam burns the image and or message into the material. Many materials are capable of being lasered, including colored brass/aluminum, wood, marble, acrylic, pens, plastic and glass.

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